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New Age Examinations demand a technology-based alternative to traditional test invigilation and monitoring.

ExamProctor by Learninns offers you a truly secure Artificial Intelligence powered online exam proctoring solution.

ExamProctor involves a mix of AI based tools and the use of the test takers webcam audio and screen outputs

ExamProctor redefines live and automated online proctoring
Safeguard Credibility
Detect, discourage and stop dishonest behaviour to preserve the value of your program.
Save Costs
Reduce infrastructural and paper linked costs as you grow
Anywhere, Anytime Testing
Your exams-takers can be anywhere in the world with the flexibility of taking their tests anytime.

Cutting edge AI for Face Recognition, Face andExpressions Analytics, Voice Analytics, and Object Detection


Real-time Image, Audio & Video Capture of Exam Takers


Secure browser with navigation check and copy/paste options disabled


End-to-end encryption of data


Easy review access to invigilator with option to communicate with candidate & block candidate


Easy to access & comprehensive analytics and post-exam records for a review and audit of any text


Learninns provides access to certified physical proctors who are trained to detect and manageunfair means during

How We Ensure Cheat-Free Exams
Proctoring Options
ExamProctor ensures the latest security and privacy norms are met. We use the latest technology encryptions to ensure data security and privacy. Data collection is deigned to be GDPR compliant. Further, our team works with you for your data security compliance requirement.
Choice of Supervision
We offer the two choices for proctoring:
a) Completely proctored by Artificial Intelligence
b) Remote proctoring and monitoring with an AI based alerts.
Our clients have the option to review the exams post the session, during the session or a combination of during and after the session . Further, we offer the option of you to hire proctors.
Exam Timings
ExamProctor provides you the option to conduct concurrent tests or tests that can be conducted at any time based on candidate availability.
Fexible, Affordable Pricing

Our Pricing allows for cost-effective scalable online exams. We have budget friendly solutions which can then be customized as per your requirement. Contact us for a quote and a demo now.

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Learninns ExamProctor has a safe browser that gives a warning if the exam taker moves out of the exam screen. This is also flagged to the proctor. During the exam or later, the proctor can review what the exam taker was viewing at that moment on his/her screen.
ExamProctor provides a consolidated view for the proctor to view all exam takers. The number of potential breaches per test taker can also be easily be viewed in the summary window. By clicking on a picture or name, the invigilator can view the actual video and screen of any individual test taker. Further the ExamProctor AI safe score can be used as a metrics to automate the proctoring process.
Our ExamProctor uses a number of inbuilt Artificial Intelligence powered tools to detect and prevent possible unfair means by exam takers. Our AI based facial recognition works throughout the course of the exam to ensure there is no personification. Further, the AI based technologies we use include face movement detection, face emotions, voice analytics and object detection.
ExamProctor is being used by several colleges and Universities to conduct their entrance as well as end of term examinations. ExamProctor has also been used by leading organizations for conducting certification testing of employees, as well as by Training Companies to offer Certification Courses.